About Loral

Loral Pepoon is an inspirational author, editor, publisher, teacher, and writing coach. Most recently, she became an editor at Our Story Magazine, a publication of women equipping women through seasons of life and grace. Loral has edited more than 75 books since 2015 through her editorial firm; and since 2020, her publishing company, Selah Press Publishing, has partnered with authors to publish 15 books. Since 2018, Loral has equipped more 100 writers to start, finish, and birth their books through her online courses. Learn more about her at loralpepoon.com.

About Seth

After working in printing and then more than 20 years working his way up in a government entity, landing as a compliance officer and analyst, Seth is now pursuing his passion as a woodworker who makes custom furniture, shelfing and cabinetry, chainsaw art, wall art and home decorative items like coasters, incense burners, ornaments and more. Seth is working on a novel and is a coffee-a-holic.

Family Life

In late 2020, the couple was blessed with their own cabin-looking dream home in a quaint town an hour outside of Nashville, Tennessee, after they lived in the city in rentals under 700 square feet for the first six years of their marriage. They reside with Clive the cat, who muses at clivethecat.com.

 The couple loves spending time with friends and family, which includes Pop (Seth) and Nana’s (Loral) delight—four grandchildren six and under, Seth’s grown daughters and their husbands, the couple’s siblings, their nieces and nephews, and Loral’s parents.