Happy Hiccups With My Honey


In yesterday’s blog I shared about our Carter Cave family outing. During those few days there were some other moments worth highlighting.

The first hiccup was when she thought we were being attacked by a bear—We arrived a little ahead of my sister and family and spent some time down by a nearby creek. It was a special romantic time of tender closeness that dating couples try to find. Our bliss was disturbed by a crashing sound in the tree branches about 40 yards away. Wow, my outdoor loving companion thought it was a bear or a mountain lion and had a meltdown. Had she not been so obviously stricken with fear, it would have been funny. I did my best to calm her with the facts about the sounds she heard. Since she is an intelligent thinking woman and she was beginning to trust me already, she latched on to my words as tightly as she had to my ribs. She relaxed as she choose to believe that the wind had worked loose a branch and this chunk of wood made a path for itself as it fell to the ground.

The second hiccup started when I parked in a handicap parking spot—I was so star struck with her by my side that I did not notice the big blue handicap symbol that I parked over top of. Later on in our dating, I got her lost in the woods because of this same power of distraction. I left my truck all night in that spot and should have gotten a ticket. The next morning I pulled out to move to another spot and went the wrong way into a dead end. She was so pleased to have this effect on me that she was amused. On our last day, my level of distraction was even higher. It was 11:00am, an hour past check out, and I had done nothing to even prepare to leave. I might still be standing there if my lovely guest had not asked if I would load her things from her room into the truck. Startled back to reality, I ran to the front desk and asked for leniency. Thankfully the front desk folks were sympathetic and didn’t charge me more money.

Pondering Your Path

Sometimes hiccups aren’t really hiccups—they are just memories that you will cherish along the way. Can you remember a time when you behaved so silly because you had stars in your eyes?

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      Thanks! She is currently working on the story of how we found each other. God rearranged many things to get us together. I can’t wait till she is ready to release it.