Helping a Bird, Praying, and Having Fun at the Beach—Gulf Shores

We are at Gulf Shores enjoying the beach, drying off from frolicking in the ocean. Earlier today, Seth helped rescue a pelican that was tied in a fishing line. He had said that he wanted to help it, but we needed someone with a bit more experience.

A local fisherman came to the rescue with toenail clippers. The fisherman grabbed the pelican and Seth held his beak. Together, the fisherman and Seth set the bird free. The birds friends were all waiting for their friend in the water below. When the one bird was free, they all flew off together.

We asked for help, were willing to serve with directions, and there the opportunity was.

The spiritual lesson or revelation from God we were reminded of that day was: Ask God to use you, be willing to get help, and be ready! Then say send me!

I’m reading about Forrest Gump in his home state of Alabama. Our friend, Paul Dengler, wrote a book, Pray for Shrimp. The first question in the book asks: What are your limitations and what are you praying for?

The answer is that I’ve been limited by time, fear, and work. No more. I am praying that God will break me through as I step out to serve others. I ask that this trip be that turning point.

I’m praying for a life when what we love to do on vacation will be more part of our everyday life.

The next question is if I’m yielded like a feather in the wind. Paul says that the wind is the Spirit. Holy Spirit, take me, us, and our lives to amazing places!

The next question is “what are my negatives” and am I looking up—for answers, I guess. My negatives are inflammation and nutrient deficiencies as well as fear. I’m no longer a slave to fear, though! It’s been so fun to see Seth act like a kid, though—being giddy, dreaming big dreams.

At one point, I said, Our Daddy is taking care of us! We have great accommodations in a private cottage about 45 minutes away. It has its own variety of beauty on the Fisch River. I have been asking that God would make this shorter vacation seem like a week, and with all the great experience we are having, it sure seems that way 

I choose to see the opportunity that is now here!

I am looking for opportunities to love others well!

I pray that You, God, would enable us to pay off our debt this year! (Our debt was paid about two years after this entry was originally composed!!)

I pray that You would heal my shoulder, hip, and rid me of inflammation. (God did heal me from these issues).

We had so much fun doing our devotions on the dock by the river. We loved reading on the beach. We would go to the shade or get in the water to get out of the heat of the day. Seth discovered Bulgolgi on toast—for breakfast. I had our pre-prepared frozen meals thawed out that we ate on our lovely screened in porch.

We enjoyed the Gulf Shores lodge and ate yummy onion rings there on the roof deck at a fancy place (we could have skipped the other food). We loved the amazing sunsets at the park across from the beach. We went back to our beloved Sunset Grill and Perdido Key too!!

It has been a great trip!

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