Rails to Trails and Ice Cream Sales

Behind the veil

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Waynesville Ohio to visit our dear friends Beth and John who came from thousands of miles away. Playing with their children and getting to know her Dad was such a blessing. We had many fun activities together including the privilege of walking though a bit of woods near by and on to the Rails to Trails network.  To me is was a sensation much like passing through a veil. Going from the yard of a nice home into the woods and onto a trail system that is picturesque and serene.

Grinning in the Rain beneath the trail sign pane

We just picked a direction and started walking. The purpose of this rainy day walk was to get to talk so we meandered and got caught up on happenings and shared ideas. I’m not sure how much time had gone by but we walked into the little town of Spring Valley.

We made use of a strange but necessary blessing – a port-a-let provided by Little Miami State Park for the trail users. A sign on the door gave the mileage to each of the next port-a-lets. I had to laugh and take this picture.

We were strolling past the Spring Valley port-a-let

We looked around enjoying what seemed to me like small old world industrial buildings and old pieces of machinery. Then we spotted an ice cream store!

Beth, Loral and John about to eat their trekking reward!

Two Scoops ice cream parlor provided us with a great dry spot and ice cream we couldn’t resist. My friend John rescued me because my Honey wanted ice cream and I didn’t bring my wallet…which reminds me…I didn’t pay him back yet!  We had an awesome time of snacking and fellowship before heading out into the rain again.

We traveled about 2.4 miles of the 73 miles of this Little Miami Scenic Trail that stretches through Clark, Clermont, Greene, Hamilton and Warren counties in Ohio.

It rained on us the entire time but we had a positive memorable afternoon. We were dressed for it in hats and rain gear. And we met this friend out on his rainy day hop…

Prince Charming in the rough!

He was kind enough (or maybe just cold enough) to let me hold him and take his picture. Then we let him go free. I laughed with joy as I remembered my Honey saying to me one time that she kissed a lot of frogs looking for me and knows a Prince when she sees one!

So happy to see you, Sir!

A correlation could also be drawn between the frog/prince idea and an abandoned railway become a place for fellowship and exercise. Thanks to the Rails to Trails system, Spring Valley and Two Scoops. Thanks to Little Miami State Park and our dear friends Beth and John.


Have you ever let a little rain prevent you from having some outdoor fun? Do you need some good rain gear to go hiking with your Honey?

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  1. Ann Stoll

    Sounds like fun!

    • loralpepoon@gmail.com

      I love hiking in the rain!

  2. Donna DeRosa

    I love rain. And I think frogs are adorable.

  3. Desiree

    I love these hiking and bike trails made from old train routes. Hiking in the rain can be quite refreshing in the summertime.

    • loralpepoon@gmail.com

      Hi Desiree! It was so good for Loral and I to meet you at the 2 x 4 conference. Glad you are enjoying the old train routes like we are starting to do.