The Best Path Ever


I (Loral) collect these little signs on our adventures sometimes. This one says “The best path I ever took was with you.” We found it in a little town near Rock Island State Park, a day that taught us about taking our time and building in margin in the Summer of 2015. This sign spoke volumes to me because the two stick figures are so happy just to be together—just like my Hiker and me.

You see, for me, it really doesn’t matter where we go.

We can be walking anywhere—on a city greenway, checking out a neighborhood trail, hiking in deep pines of a Tennessee State Park, or checking out a body of water or famous beach at a National Park/Federal area. We’ve done all of that in the two years that we have known each other.

We can be living anywhere—in our city apartment, our country home, house/pet/baby sitting at a friend’s house (as we often do) or staying in a budget motel, which is necessary when we are on an adventure and encounter a storm.

We can be going anywhere—to our town’s summer festivals, or stop and spend hours at a small quaint town in between destinations. We can even be traveling groupies to attend a concert of our favorite band. We can be traveling just to see family or friends—on a train, in the car or on a plane.

I really didn’t think this level of companionship and enjoyment would be possible, and, although we do have our differences as we’ve shared in several posts, we love being middle-aged nomads.

One of the reasons why it doesn’t matter where we are is that I simply love being with my Hiker! He loves that I go with him (on the trail). And I love to go with him.

He makes it easy because he cares for me so well! Not only does he think of equipment, routes, snacks and all the practical things, but he also feeds my mind with conversation. It can be deep conversations about faith, our future and what’s happening in the world, or it can simply be  “plays on words” that we love as writers. He also has a bunch of eight-year-old humor! And while I know some find it corny, it usually cracks me up—although if I’m tired like I am today, I may not get it at first!

I also really appreciate that he is usually in rocking shape with a physique that puts many men in his age category to shame. I have to work a bit harder than he does to lose that bit of married happy fat I have found, though, but I am working on it! Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some success stories about that this fall!

I guess the point is that when you love and respect each other, the path you find yourself can be smooth or rocky, steep or flat, concrete or grass covered—but it all can be treasured.

I thank God for this amazing man and for the amazing life God allows us to lead together. We’re so grateful!

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