The Joy I Feel When He Builds a Fire

A lovely romantic fire on Christmas Eve
A lovely romantic fire on Christmas Eve

Honey’s Perspective

The first time I (Loral) saw my Hiker build a fire in the woods was mind boggling. Here are several things I felt—and still feel every time!

Where am I and what year is it?
I felt like I had been transported into some kind of time machine to frontier days, when I look back, and my Hiker comes marching through the woods with a tree (not cut up, mind you, but a 20-foot-long tree over his shoulder, like he was Daniel Boone or something. He later explained that the backpacking saw wasn’t very good, and this was by far easier.

How on Earth did I get blessed with someone who is so strong and easy on the eyes?
Let’s face it ladies, if you were single like I was in your upper 30s, you may have wondered when the men changed from nice looking to someone more like your dad or grandpa with a belly. I began to think that was part of aging that I had to accept. That’s I was so pleasantly surprised when I met my Hiker! He cares about his appearance and staying in shape. I joke with him all the time, “How old are you…like 27?”

I married a master craftsman.
He carefully arranges his logs according to type of log, smoke flow, layering small pieces with larger ones—using all kinds of strategies that he has explained to me many times. I don’t think that he gets that I am lost in awe because a wonderful man is building me a fire, and all the technique talk he is engaged gets lost…I admit I have a hard time paying attention.

I love watching him make the fire grow.
He gets down on his hands and knees and blows on it, taking great care to get it going. He continues to rearranges the logs like an editor sculpts words and a master chef experiments. When it takes off, or catches, the smile of achievement is priceless.

He builds a fire out of love for me.
I know there are many nights when we didn’t need a fire—but if it is below 70, I like one. He even built one after a 90-degree day in Florida. Although with the ocean breezes, it was a bit chilly. It is relaxing and romantic.

It mesmerizes us.
We don’t have to say a word, but just watching how it moves as the fire shifts is so powerful and soothing. We love it so much, that we got a fake fireplace heater in our cozy country cabin that we now live in when we aren’t on the road.

He made s’mores work for me, despite my dietary restrictions.
He bought gluten free graham crackers and organic chocolate so that I don’t get as sick, but we still indulge. I love how instead of trashing this tradition, he made it work for me.

I share this story for the ladies who want to get out there…I’ve found appreciating the small things makes a big difference in the heart of your man. I also know that watching him turn sticks into fire is a sure fire way to keep the romance alive—especially when you praise him for his part in caring for you.

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  1. Ann Stoll

    We have a lot in common, all the way down to the gluten issue. There is something romantic about our man building a fire for us.


      That’s so cool! Thank you for all the positive feedback, and yes, fires are so romantic 🙂