The Sweetness of Sunsets and Sand

The Tower
The Tower

Warren Dunes State ParkThe park covers almost 2000 acres on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is on the Michigan side beside the lower third of the lake. We could go back and spend several days hiking and enjoying the beach.  There are six miles of trails we have not hiked yet. And we have enjoyed only a few hundred yards of the three miles of shoreline. We’ve hiked to the top of the huge dune called Tower Hill twice and witnessed two of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. This magnificent rugged dune formation rises 260 feet high directly behind the beaches we played on.

Directions—We got to the park by going to Sawyer Michigan on I-94 N. We looped around under the interstate to go West on Sawyer Rd and then turned right to go a little further North on Red Arrow Hwy.

August on Lake Michigan—The climate was perfect for us. There was enough sun to lay on beach towels and toast in. There was enough coolness from the breeze to need a jacket two hours before sunset. And enough space to enjoy without being crowed.

OK I’m in the North and cold at night in August…
OK I’m in the North and cold at night in August…

Sliding down to go up—Climbing a dune is unique. To get good traction you have to step up on a natural ledge of sand if one is within reach. Even if you can step up on one of these more firm spots, you still lose about a third of the distance you covered in the step. If you just randomly step, you could lose half of the distance. Stepping and sliding gives the sensation that you are not moving at all. My heart was skipping happily along because I was experiencing this place with my Honey. But it began to seriously pound as we slowly did the step-slid to the summit.  Serious exertion but so worth it.

Nature displaying God’s Glory

Sunset splendor—Lake Michigan is so large that with my eyes I can not see across it.  There was no shoreline or skyline to obscure the view. The sun slowly splashed in the water uninhibited and scattered color across the sky.  My beach Lady had been here a few times before but I got the splendor of the first impression. God’s glory in creation did not disappoint. In my pack we took a mat, blankets, water, camera and sunglasses. Perfectly supplied we were so happy to sit and soak up this view together and dream about our future.

Sunsets can make you feel dreamy and contemplative

Pondering Your Path—combining beauty and the familiar can often make for an amazing moment. When she brags about the beauty of a spot, make plans to go see it together and make new memories.

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