Wesser Bald and It’s Lessons

The Appalachian Trail crosses Wesser Bald Near Bryson North Carolina. On the top of this bald there was a live-in lookout fire tower. Somebody burned it down in 1979. It has been replaced with a 30-foot tall fire tower that has a 360-degree view. You can see a breath taking panoramic view of the Nantahala National Forest and the Great Smokey Mountains. Click here for more information.

Our trip to Bryson to climb this tower is an example of what could work well for you to get your Honey on the trail. My Honey and I meet up with another couple in Bryson, shared a cabin and planed a weekend full of fun.

Chicago roommates
Chicago roommates

The girls had been roommates in Chicago and us guys were going to get aquatinted. This trip included an 8.8 mile hike for me, a mountain bike day for him, girl time for the ladies while we boys biked, a couple of unique restaurants and s’mores by the fire pit at the cabin.

My Honey would have loved all of this but the biking and gone willingly with just me. But it helps make the trip more enticing at times to add like minded friends.

There is an easier way to climb to the tower, but we took the advice of a 20 something ranger lady. This trail was about twice as long and steeper than the other route. This is good to remember who you are getting the advice from. We were in decent shape but 20 years older than the girl giving us route advice. So what she deemed to be no big deal was at least challenging to us. So word to the wise: consider the source.

To get to the trail head we used US19/74 from the Nantahala Outdoor Center and turned right at the Nantahala Food Mart on to Wesser Creek Road. Wesser Creek becomes gravel and ends at the trailhead. We started from the parking area and climbed the blue-blazed Wesser Creek Trail.

Hiking the blue blaze Wesser Creek Trail
Hiking the blue blaze Wesser Creek Trail

It is approximately 3.6 miles to where it intersects with the Appalachian Trail (AT). We turned left on to the AT and hiked another 0.8 miles to the fire tower.

Our first step on the Appalachian Trail together
Our first step on the Appalachian Trail together

We climbed to the top and were rewarded with a spectacular October afternoon view.

Sharing God's autumn glory with my Honey
Sharing God’s autumn glory with my Honey

More tomorrow about our hike down and another lesson we learned.

Pondering Your Path—Would your Honey like a hiking day better if from time to time you invited another couple so she can have some girl time?

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